MARS by Ben Bova | Kirkus Reviews

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MARS by Ben Bova | Kirkus Reviews

MARS by Ben Bova | Kirkus Reviews
A bulging, impressive, all-you-ever-wanted-to-know, you-are-there Martian odyssey, from the veteran writer-editor (Cyberbooks, Voyagers, etc.).

Mars (The Grand Tour, #4) by Ben Bova
Mars is Ben Bova's love letter to space exploration; it's a novel-length booster for a manned Mars program. A very well-conceived and engaging (in places) novel, you should not read it expecting it to be space opera or really, any kind of adventure aside from the inevitable dangers of flying to another planet.

BEST BOY by Eli Gottlieb | Kirkus Reviews
After more than 40 years in an institution, an autistic man acts on his yearning to see his childhood home in this eloquent, sensitive rendering of a marginalized life.

KISS: BEHIND THE MASK - Kirkus Reviews
Amalgam of material gathered in 1979 and contemporary interviews with members and associates of the veteran theatrical rock band Kiss.

ABDUCTED by T.R. Ragan | Kirkus Reviews
Nearly a decade and a half after abducting teenager Lizzy Gardner, her captor is ready to seek revenge on the one who got away, in Ragan's white-knuckled thriller,

Martin Windrow | Kirkus Reviews
Kirkus Reviews talks to Martin Windrow about his new nonfiction book The Owl Who Liked Sitting on Caesar.

THANKLESS IN DEATH by J.D. Robb | Kirkus Reviews
THANKLESS IN DEATH. ... Robb does a fine job of keeping up the tension. Both the cops and the killer make use of more futuristic gadgets than usual. ...

COME CLOSER by Sara Gran | Kirkus Reviews
In a decidedly creepy departure from her debut (Saturn's Return to New York, 2001: a charmer about mothers and daughters in literary New York), Gran tells of a young woman possessed by a demon.

MALEVIL by Robert Merle | Kirkus Reviews
Malevil, a French castle built during the Hundred Years War, is occupied now by a small group, the survivors of a nuclear explosion which has taken place during Easter of 1977.

IN TOO DEEP by Amanda Grace | Kirkus Reviews
A girl gets caught in a lie she didn't tell but doesn't have the courage to correct in this suspenseful, well-written problem novel.

NEVER KNOWING by Chevy Stevens | Kirkus Reviews
NEVER KNOWING. by Chevy Stevens. BUY NOW FROM ... Sara Gallagher has never exactly been comfortable in her adopted family. Her mother-by-choice is loving and kind ...

TRIGGER by Susan Vaught | Kirkus Reviews
After a botched suicide attempt leaves him with permanent neurological damage, Jersey Hatch attempts to piece his life back together again.

THE SOLOIST by Mark Salzman | Kirkus Reviews
Jury duty in a murder trial helps resolve a classical musician's deep professional crisis—in a haunting second novel from the author of The Laughing Sutra (1990) and Iron and Silk (1986), Salzman's acclaimed book (and later movie) about China.

KIRITH KIRIN by Jim Grimsley | Kirkus Reviews
Fantasy from the southern playwright and author of Comfort and Joy (1999), etc. Blue Queen Athryn Ardfalla, refusing to yield her throne to the Red King, Kirith Kirin, as tradition and law demand, has allied herself with an evil wizard, Drudaen Keerfax, and has grievously oppressed the people.

THE WHISPERER by Donato Carrisi | Kirkus Reviews
In an ambiguous country, an ephemeral nameless land, Dr. Goran Gavila and a squad of police detectives hunt a soulless killer, a murderer single-mindedly intent on destroying families.

SHUTOUT by Brendan Halpin | Kirkus Reviews
Fourteen-year-old Amanda is on the cusp of many changes at the outset of her freshman year.

LOVE? MAYBE. by Heather Hepler | Kirkus Reviews
An emotionally constipated girl falls in love. Although she was born on Valentine’s Day, Piper Paisley believes that “being hopeful is just a big setup for disappointment.”

FIVE SMOOTH STONES by Ann Fairbairn | Kirkus Reviews
Even while at a loss for words (Miss Fairbairn is not—her novel runs to more than 900 pages) to evaluate this as anything more than a popular novel, it is intended to synthesize the Negro experience in terms and through people which will involve the reader.

VIRTUOSITY by Jessica Martinez | Kirkus Reviews
Grammy-winning, world-touring violinist Carmen Bianchi, 17, has outgrown child-prodigy status. To transition to an adult career as a virtuoso soloist, she must win the Guarneri Competition.

THE DOLL by Taylor Stevens | Kirkus Reviews
If Michael doesn't comply with the demands of the Doll Maker, ... Kirkus Reviews Issue: March 1st, ... Taylor Stevens doesn’t get it when people find her special.

ALL YOU DESIRE by Kirsten Miller | Kirkus Reviews
Haven Moore and Iain Morrow's Italian escape (The Eternal Ones, 2010) is cut short when a crisis pulls them back to New York City and into the orbit of the Ouroboros Society.

ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY by Lara Avery | Kirkus Reviews
After 17-year-old Bryce strikes her head on a diving platform during a competition, she awakens from a coma five years later to a vastly changed world.

THE CROWFIELD DEMON by Pat Walsh | Kirkus Reviews
It's late winter, 1348, and although William brought peace three months ago by freeing an angel from a deathlike limbo (The Crowfield Curse, 2010), mystery and danger stir again.

THE ROCKS by Peter Nichols | Kirkus Reviews
The lives and loves of expatriates on Mallorca, shaped by a 60-year-old misunderstanding.

STANDUP GUY by Stuart Woods | Kirkus Reviews
STANDUP GUY. by ... who’s heard that Stone’s a stand-up guy too, wants his advice about what to do with it. ... MORE BY STUART WOODS. Fiction. SHOOT FIRST.

Science meets art, and outstanding page and software design put this meaty survey of vertebrate frontage on the top shelf.

ONE SUMMER by David Baldacci | Kirkus Reviews
Baldacci (Hell's Corner, 2010, etc.) departs from thriller mode to pen this often-maudlin tale of familial reinvention.

BOGMAIL by Patrick McGinley | Kirkus Reviews
What would happen if you put Ruth Rendell down in Ireland's wild Donegal countryside and forced her to absorb hour upon hour of glorious, ribald pub talk?

BLACK BETTY by Walter Mosley | Kirkus Reviews
It's 1961, and Easy Rawlins has lost most of what he had five years ago in White Butterfly (1992).

MIDDLE GROUND by Katie Kacvinsky | Kirkus Reviews
In this sequel to Awaken (2011), Maddie's rebellion against digital school and social networking run amok land her in a detention center where detainees are ...

THE LEMMING CONDITION by Alan Arkin | Kirkus Reviews
The satire in Arkin's fable about a young lemming who questions and eventually escapes his species' periodic mass suicide is obvious and his implicit message commonplace, but Arkin has such a light touch and a sharp ear that he more than gets away with it.

BURY THE LEAD by David Rosenfelt | Kirkus Reviews
Andy Carpenter, the most famous lawyer in Paterson, N.J., goes to bat for a reporter who's blamed for a brutal series of murders.

SECRET SOLDIER by Muki Betser , Robert ... - Kirkus Reviews
by Muki Betser & Robert Rosenberg. BUY NOW FROM. AMAZON ... Betser joins Israeli warriors like Dayan, Eitan, Kahalani, and Sharon, who have collaborated with American ...

OHITIKA WOMAN by Mary Brave Bird ... - Kirkus Reviews
Native American activist Brave Bird—whose autobiography Lakota Woman (1990; written under the author's former married name of Crow Dog) will soon be released as a film directed by Jane Fonda—returns with a disturbing sequel.

RORY THE DINOSAUR by Liz Climo , Liz Climo | Kirkus Reviews
Rory is a young dinosaur who loves to do things with his dad, but when his father takes some time to relax, Rory decides to set off on a solo adventure.

THE LOST BOY by Greg Ruth , Greg Ruth | Kirkus Reviews
A mysterious reel-to-reel tape player may solve a local mystery, but it may also lead to gravest peril.

WHITE MARS : N Hoffman Fig. 3. Mean atmospheric pressure within the same simulation. Note that during Noachian times, occasional occurrences of P>5 bars occurs, permitting

Mars Climate Orbiter und Mars Polar Lander (Raumfahrt)
Erdumdrehungszeit: 23 Stunden, 56 Minuten und 4,1 Sekunden). Der Abstand zur Erde schwankt zwischen 55 und 400 Millionen km. Der sinn-volle Zeitpunkt zum Start einer ...

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