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Labour market developments in Austria Austria OECD ...
The 2015 edition of the OECD Employment Outlook provides an international ... B. Harmonised unemployment rate ... OECD Employment Outlook 2015, Chapter 4. 0.0 0.2 0 ...

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OECD - Innovative Learning Environment Project Universe Case 1 Austria Adalbert Stifter Praxisschule der 10-bis 14-Jährigen PH Linz General Information

Pension Country Profile: Austria - OECD
Pension Country Profile: Austria ... of private pension systems in individual OECD countries. ... Pensionsversicherung gem. §108b EStG, ...

System Monitoring Note 1 Austria -
System Monitoring Note 1 Austria The Lerndesigner-Network in Transition Tanja Westfall-Greiter, National Center for Learning Schools for the Ministry of Education, Art and

EDUCATION POLICY OUTLOOK This policy profile on education in Austria is part of the Education Policy Outlook series, which presents comparative analysis of education policies and reforms across OECD countries.

OECD-Studie 2012 "Gleichstellung der ... - - OECD
mit geringer Wahrscheinlichkeit die Schule ab als Jungen. Doch damit ist erst der halbe Weg geschafft: Frauen verdienen noch immer weniger als Männer, ...

OECD LAC Regional Programme - - OECD
OECD Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Programme Bringing LAC countries’ perspectives to the OECD The Programme will also facilitate broader participation of Latin American and Caribbean countries in

in Germany OECD USD OECD Regions at a Glance 2013 Country ...
GDP per capita, 2010 GDP growth ... growth range from +1.6% annually in Hamburg to +0.1% in Schleswig-Holstein. Unemployment rate, 2012 Youth unemployment rate, ...

AEOI: STATUS OF COMMITMENTS ... They also include a political commitment to pursue the adoption of regulations and to advocate and support relevant

chapter 2 The Automobile Industry In And - - OECD
2 … but benefited from government support… Government support to the automobile industry has been provided in a variety of forms, including subsidies to firms and direct

OECD Family database ...
OECD Family database OECD - Social Policy Division - Directorate of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Updated: 15-12-2017

• w. jasek: austria codex fachinformation grundwerk, 59.aufl. (2004) nt 1 • h. wicho: austria codex stoffliste grundwerk, 37.aufl. (2004) nt 1 • h. pittner u.a.: austria codex schnellhilfe grundwerk (2004/2005) nt 1

Austria Ambasade și consulate române - Austria -
Ambasade și consulate române - Austria Austria Ambasada României în Austria Cancelaria ... Consulatul Onorific al României la Eisenstadt (Landul Burgenland)

EUROPEAN COMMISSION Strasbourg, 12.12.2012 C(2012) 9198final COMMISSION DECISION of 12.12.2012 addressed to: Hutchison 3G Austria Holdings GmbH

Austria Center, Vienna, Austria Application for Exhibition ...
Austria Center, Vienna, Austria Choice Booth Number Size Cost per m2 Total Cost 1st €600* plus Austrian VAT (AT) where applicable *Please note that a waste disposal

Pioneer Funds Austria - Austria Stock - Prebivalstvo
Pioneer Funds Austria - Austria Stock - 4 - April 16, 2012 – April 15, 2013 While the early part of the crisis (2008) was still chiefly associated with the problems in the financial sector, it subsequently had knock-on

4 1QPS Austria, Parkring 12, 8074 Grambach, Austria,2 3 ...
We characterize transgenic mice over-expressing mutated human α-Syn-A53T under control of the human PDGF-β promoter on a C57Bl/6 background

AUSTRIA [AUSTRIA] Team leader: Brandl Angelika
AUSTRIA [AUSTRIA] Team leader: Brandl Angelika ... 3. Berndorfer Sabine & Chippie ... 11. Brandl Angelika & Malou ...

Irmi Salzer ÖBV-Via Campesina Austria Agrarbündnis Austria ...
Health Check of CAP: year 2013 perspectives and responses to the food price crisis Irmi Salzer ÖBV-Via Campesina Austria Agrarbündnis Austria European Farmers ...

Runde 36: FK Austria Wien SK Austria Kärnten DANKE!
Gutschein gültig für ein Kind während der Minopolis Öffnungszeiten ... Film, Familie und/oder Star) zu € 19,99 mtl. Angebot kann bei Kabelnetzbetreibern (UPC ...

Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH - Austria ]
Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH - Austria ] Year of creation (individual entities or association) 1954 Type of scheme (guarantee or counter-guarantee)

The OECD is at the forefront of efforts to understand, and to help governments to respond to, new developments and concerns. These include trade

IS IT ODA? This note helps donors to decide whether a particular expenditure qualifies as official development assistance (ODA). It supplements the Development ...

203 - - OECD
203 OCDE / OECD - constant conditions should be maintained as far as possible throughout the test and, if necessary, semi-static or flow-through procedures should be used (see Annex 1 for
gesamtbeurteilung und empfehlungen oecd-prÜfbericht zur politik fÜr lÄndliche rÄume – ©2007 abbildung 0.1 ˘ ˇˆ ˙ ˝ oecd (2007a),

“Where TIN”) - OECD
In Denmark the TIN equals the Danish CPR number. ... Foreign companies without permanent establishment in Denmark do not get a CVR number when

HLF-4 -
A 4. th. HLF to do what? Stocktaking . from the Paris / Accra process Agreeing on features of . high quality aid . and its monitoring framework towards 2015

Bank Austria Preis für innovative Lehre 2013 [Bank Austria ...
1/3 CURRICULUM VITAE Dr. Yvonne Franz PERSONAL Institute for Urban and Regional Research Austrian Academy of Sciences Postgasse7/4/2, A‐1010 Vienna

Norway -
COMPETITION LAW AND POLICY IN NORWAY 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The conclusion of the OECD’s country review for Norway, published in autumn 2002, was that

Übersicht - OECD
Ausländische Direktinvestitionen zugunsten der Entwicklung ... Nicht-OECD-Länder anregen, sich stärker das internationale Rahmenwerk für Investitionen zu Eigen

KOREA The rebound in international trade and greater fiscal support are projected to sustain output growth at around 3% through 2019, ...

session b supplies to multiple location entities allocation methods introduction moderator: rainer nowak, oecd 17-18 april 2014 tokyo, japan

Deutschland - OECD
Deutschland Deutschland zählt zu den ... Während der weltweiten Rezession ist die NEET-Quote nur in Deutschland, Österreich, ... Deutschland gehört zu den ...

PISA 15 -
Wie „grün“ sind 15-Jährige? ... Schulen stellen für Schülerinnen und Schüler eine entscheidende Informationsquelle in ... oder Bücher Luftverschmutzung ...

JAPAN Growth is estimated to have picked up to 1.5% in 2017, aided by stronger international trade and fiscal stimulus. Although fiscal consolidation is set to resume ...

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Lernen für die Arbeitswelt . OECD-Studien zur Berufsbildung . September 2010 . Deutschland. Kathrin Hoeckel und Robert Schwartz

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EUROSTAT's end-use categories (Main Industrial Groupings, MIGs), based on the Nace rev.2 classification. 1, are defined by the Commission regulation (EC) n°656/2007 of 14 June 2007as follow:

Österreich - OECD
Österreich ist diese Geschlechterdifferenz so gering wie in kaum einem anderen OECD- Land und im Gegensatz zum OECD-Mittel zum Vorteil von Frauen (12,5% ...

GERMANY Growth is projected to ease somewhat but still remain solid and employment is set to expand further. ... trade and German exports.

Germany - OECD
Germany 1 OECD EPL Database, update 2013 Version: September 2015 ... Severance pay: No legal requirements, but the social plan usually includes termination payments

ÖSTERREICH Wichtigste Ergebnisse • Österreichs Durchschnittsergebnisse in den Bereichen Mathematik, ... die an PISA 2012 teilgenommen haben, liegt

Dr. Rudiger Ahrend -
Dr. Rudiger Ahrend Head of Urban Policy, Public Governance & Territorial Development, OECD . Dr Rudiger Ahrend is Head of the Urban Programme in the OECD’s Directorate for Public

oecd gesundheitsdaten 2005 statistiken und indikatoren fÜr 30 lÄnder eco–salud ocde 2005 estadÍsticas e indicadores para 30 paÍses user’s guide

IdeaFactory 2014 a new age - OECD
IdeaFactory_2014 a new age. This report contains a ... Jacques Séguéla Business Person and Author, BLEU Old age begins when your regrets win over your dreams.

Trade and Jobs - OECD
2 MCM TRADE SESSION: TRADE AND JOBS OVERVIEW 1. Ensuring robust employment growth is an ongoing priority for governments as the economic recovery gains traction.

public discussion draft . beps action 8: revisions to chapter viii of the transfer pricing guidelines on cost contribution arrangements (ccas) 29 april 2015 - 29 may 2015

Paris, 2-3 June -
Paris, 2-3 June ... ARRAYET PINTO Rene Head of the Department for Law Evaluation Congress, ... Paris Turkish Industry and Business Association ...

Goethe-Gymnasium -
Goethe-Gymnasium General Information Name of the ILE: Goethe-Gymnasium ... training for the Moodle learning platform, learning sequences workshops,

OECD- Wirtschaftsberichte DEUTSCHLAND
verantwortlich zeichnen. Die Verwendung dieser Daten durch die OECD erfolgt unbeschadet des Status der Golanhöhen, von Ost-Jerusalem und der israelischen ...

Principality of Liechtenstein - OECD
of Andorra for the avoidance of ... Gebiet der Steuern vom Einkommen ... Principality of Liechtenstein for the Exchange of Information in